Do you know the difference between “Logitech” and “Logicool”?

This article first appeared on Devicebar.

We all know the popular electronics brand “Logitech” (also known as ‘Logi’), but what’s this “Logicool”? When I initially came across this name, I thought it’s just a fake brand trying to duplicate Logitech products. But when a friend of mine asked me about this, we discussed for a while and figured out (by Googling, of course) that it’s just Logitech itself. But, why different names? Even on Amazon listings?

Logitech MX Master Amazon
Logicool MX Master Amazon

It’s like this because of “Japan” market, mostly. There is apparently a company called “Logitec” in Japan and it’s trademarked by them. So “Logitech” renamed themselves as “Logicool” to sell their products there. If you take a look at Amazon Japan, you can see how popular Logicool products are, just like Logitech. This is a small difference, but I hope it didn’t cause any serious decision-making issues while purchasing them!

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