5 Best Password Managers {2021 Edition}

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Remembering all those strong passwords for every single website is impossible. You would need to store those passwords somewhere and retrieve them whenever you log in to any website. That’s where you need one of the best and most secure password managers of 2021.

A good password manager 

  •  Auto-fills your passwords
  •  Protect your credentials from a cybercriminal
  •  Prevents password leaks 
  •  Enhances your online security.

But, choosing such a password manager is not an easy task. There are tons of password managers boosting their features. Our expert’s tested 10+ different password managers and selected the top 5. The password managers were tested for the best features, security, and convenience.

Best Password Managers in 2021

Password Managers are becoming more of a necessity than being a luxury due to several cybercrimes. The market is booming, with vendors claiming to be the best out there. Amidst this, deciding which indeed is the best seems somewhat impossible. But, with proper research and searching the web, we have managed to assemble a list of the best password managers for you.

Built-In TOTP GeneratorYesYesYesYesYes
Local Storage OptionNoYesYesNoYes
Encrypted Storage1GB1GB1GB10GB1GB
Free Plan1 Device, 50 PasswordsNo Free PlanUnlimited Devices, Unlimited Passwords1 Device, Unlimited PasswordsUnlimited Devices, Unlimited Passwords
Unique FeaturesVPN, One-Click Password Changer, Dark Web MonitoringTravel Mode, Parental ControlOpen-Source, Built-In 2FA, AffordableEncrypted Messaging, Secure Storage, Dark Web MonitoringBuilt-In 2FA, Parental Control

Now, let’s review them one by

1- Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane is one of the password managers that you can trust. With its free version, you can use it on a single device. It is capable of storing logins for up to 50 accounts in a secure vault with multi-factor authentication. Dashlane reserves all kinds of information and fills out forms with delivery addresses and contact details.

With Dashlane’s premium service, Dashlane takes its service up a notch. Not only does it let you synchronize all your credentials across all platforms, but it also monitors the dark web for data breaches. It sends you personalized alerts if any of your credentials end up in a batch of leaked data. 

The perk of having secure file storage and even a VPN for browsing the web more secure is an excellent feature. All this comes at a price, and Dashlane’s premium plan is one of the most expensive options around, but the extra services it offers do justify the cost.

Dashlane is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. It has become a convenient online shopping partner because of its digital wallet and auto-fill features. Digital wallet allows tracking and purchasing without having a proper Dashlane account. Moreover, it stores all your shopping receipts. The best part is that it comes for free.

2- 1Password

1Password is one of the top-ranked Password Managers when it comes to security. It protects individuals/organizations and provides a shared password protection system for families.

There are two subscription plans. One is for individuals and their families, allowing either a single user or a family of up to five persons to use 1Password services. There’s also a business plan that offers protection for individuals working from home and teams and enterprises in general.

1Password protects you from breaches and other malware attacks such as Phishing and Keylogging. It results in a very secure and competent Password Manager covering personal and corporate use. This includes work from home without compromising your security.

1Password also integrates the “watchtower” service. The service informs users of its latest website breaches. The Digital wallet saves information like login credentials, sticky notes, and network passwords.

Moreover, 1Password provides multiple platform support, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. But, you can avail of it only with a paid subscription. The standard subscription is $3/year, which allows only local synchronization. Whereas the family subscription that costs $5/year covers up to 5 devices.

3- BitWarden

BitWarden is an Open-source Password Manager that is user-friendly and secure. It allows subscription for individuals, teams, and businesses.

BitWarden’s basic plan focuses on Password Management. But the free version includes multi-device sync, optional self-hosting, and unlimited online storage. Premium plans include Password Reports that highlight weak passwords and unsecured websites. The paid plan includes:

  •  Managing passwords of a larger workforce
  •  Password sharing
  •  Access control user groups
  •  Two-step login
  •  Multi-factor authentication.

BitWarden comes with a premium subscription at $10/year. Here it offers more features, including 1GB file storage, 2FA, and data breach reports.

 BitWarden provides multi-platform support for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux, and Android. But if you do not need a full application, you can always download a browser extension. It provides extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge.

Bitwarden is so feature-packed that it could put some paid Password Managers out of business.

4- Keeper Password Manager and Digital Vault

Keeper Password Manager does come with a free version, but it’s only restricted to a single device. You can also use it for 30 days before deciding whether you want to commit to a subscription.

It is one of the state-of-art Password Managers. It provides plugins for every major browser. It is also available for iOS and Android, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It supports biometric verification on devices and syncs your data across an unlimited number of devices.

Keeper also warns you if any of your credentials appear in a data breach. It also alerts you if any of your passwords are particularly weak or have been re-used and helps you create healthy replacements.

There’s a family plan that protects the login details of everyone and offers an encrypted messaging tool. It provides an alternative to WhatsApp if you want to avoid Facebook Products.

It further protects your personal information using secure file storage and multi-factor authentication. It also provides personal user history that restores the previous version of credentials if things go astray. Moreover, there is an emergency password access for five trusted contacts.

5- LastPass

LastPass is easy to use, super-secure and feature-packed. It comes with both free and paid plans, so you can choose the option that suits you best.

The data is secured using AES 256-bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes. You can store credentials like credit card details and delivery addresses to be filled in when shopping online. It includes encrypted notes, details of insurance policies, and much more.

The premium subscription is affordable. It offers helpful features like log in to apps on your phone. Very few Password Managers provide this, and it could prove invaluable if your phone is ever lost. In this way, it prevents others from accessing your emails and social media.

LastPass offers multi-factor authentication, which helps protect you from phishing attempts and cybercriminals. It’s becoming more widespread, but not all websites and services provide this yet. So having all your login details secured in a vault that’s protected is a real blessing.

Users can share passwords with trusted family members. They can also use a host of more authentication options and tech support through LastPass’s premium version.

LastPass offers impeccable features and erases the tedious process of password management. But, it has experienced security vulnerabilities in the past, which left the company to amplify its security even more.

How to choose the Best Password Manager?

Most password managers offer the same features, like synchronization, Password Generation, and 2FA. But, when the time comes to separate the best from the rest, we used the following criteria:

Browser Integration

While logging into your online accounts through browsers, copy-pasting from your password managers is not ideal. You want a password manager that provides browser integration to allow autofill credit card details, passwords, and other details. 


Encryption is the best form of ensuring your online privacy and security. Hence, it is better to use a password manager with all your data stored in a secure, strong encrypted vault.

Backup And Restore Option

Backups are crucial and handy when it comes to having your data secured in case of a mishap. Having a Password Manager with backup/restore options comes in handy.

Auto Saving And Updating New Passwords

Updating and saving passwords in your password database manually can be annoying. It is helpful that your password manager automatically offers to update its database instead of manually updating it. 

Customer Support

Live Chat or Email Support with 24/7 availability is a sign of quality service.

Are Password Managers Safe?

Having more than one account and remembering different passwords for all your accounts is impossible for a human. But a Password Manager helps you in storing and retrieving your passwords for every account.

Most people are still dubious about how reliable password managers are. That is obvious as you have to store most of your sensitive information in one software. But, the features Password Managers provide make them secure.

A password manager retains all your information in a secure vault that is protected with a Master Password. With AES 256-bit encryption, the chances of data breaches are somewhat impossible. Additionally, multi-factor authentication helps in keeping your account secure.

The Password Generation feature helps in creating strong passwords and updating old and weak passwords. You can make them as long as 32 characters with alpha-numeric characters and symbols.


Password Managers provide great initiative for staying secure online and keeps you safe from any data breaches. But like any other security tool choosing reliable software can be a difficult task. Our filtered list providing some of the best managers with the features listed will help you to make the right decision.

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